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Alternative Visuals

Alternative Visuals 1.00

No permission to download

- Removes the excessive Fog, DoF and possibly some of the bloom. (Last 4 pics)
- A ReShade preset built with MartyMcfly's RTGI shader in mind. (All the other ones)


First of all:
RTGI isn't free yet. You'll need to pay for Pascals breakfast "beta" tier on Patreon
You can pay and cancel immediately. You'll lose access to the download and certain Discord channels which might come in handy though.
RTGI likes to punch your fps in the gut. Be prepared for about 30% less fps @1080p. Possibly more on higher resolutions.
You can lower the amount of rays for less performance impact but worse visuals.

The Preset is still alright without RTGI. Some contrast adjustments, sharpening and a little bloom.
If there's demand I can do a seperate preset using MXAO for Ambient Occlusion instead. ^^

Image Slider comparisons:
Slider 1
Slider 2
Slider 3
Slider 4
Slider 5
Slider 6
Fog&DOF removed
You can switch pics, there's always 4 screenshots in one.


Download my file and ReShade and launch it.
Wait for it to gather all executables and select BioshockInfinite.exe. If it doesn't find it, browse and navigate to your "BioshockInfinite\Binaries\Win32"
Click on Direct3D 10/11/12.
Next you'll need to check SweetFX, Prod80's Color effects and Pirate Shaders.

Once you've done that click on "Edit ReShade settings" and the dot's next to Preset path. Put my preset in there and select it.
Then the dots next to Effects Path. Drop deblur.fx from my .rar and all from the Shaders folder from RTGI in there.
And once again, this time Texture Path's dots and drop all from RTGI's Textures folder in there.

You can close the installer now. Head ingame.
There, open the overlay, open the DX11 tab and check "Copy depth buffer before clear operations".


Image Slider comparison

First you need SpecialK
Once you have downloadet it, right click Bioshock Infinite in your Steam Library and select "browse local files"
Then go into Binaries -> Win32 and rename the dxgi.dll present there to ReShade32.dll. (This step is only needed if you've got ReShade installed)
Now open the SpecialK archive and drag SpecialK32.dll into the Win32 folder. Rename it to dxgi.dll.
Next, download this archive
It's my SpecialK .ini's. Place them in Win32 as well. Done.

Now you're good. Enjoy!

SK has an awesome FPS limiter too, should you need it. Press ctrl+shift+backspace and SK's UI will pop up.
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