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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - Nude Hilda and lewd outfits collection

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - Nude Hilda and lewd outfits collection 1.5.0

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About This File

Nude Hilda Mod:
Replaces Hilda's default outfit with a nude body. The model comes in a few variants, a slim body that closely matches Hilda's canon proportions and two curvier alternatives.
There are multiple texture variations to choose from as well, you can combine any model with any type of textures you want.
The archive includes an optional "No scabbard" mod that gets rid of the scabbard on Hilda's back. Recommended but not necessary.

Other outfits:
:Other outfits come in different variations, check the preview images in the archive or on this page. They are fully compatible with all of Hilda's texture variants from the nude mod, which means you can overwrite your pakchunk101-WindowsNoEditor_P files with your preferred ones from the Nude Mod archive. I will not be including all texture options with every outfit to keep filesizes smaller.

Mods that replace Hilda's alternate outfits will have different package names, which means you will be able to use them in combinations with mods that replace outfits in different slots. Obviously you will not be able to install two mods that replace the same outfit at the same time.

-Create a folder named "~mods" inside "...\Asterigos\Genesis\Content\Paks\"
-Choose one mesh and one texture variant from their respective folders (and the no scabbard mod if you want it) and copy the .pak, .ucas and .utoc files inside the ~mods folder you created.

Known issues:
-Breasts and butt physics might behave weirdly on specific occasions and during certain animations. There are alternate meshes without physics for all three body types.
-Hilda's skin might start glowing during certain cutscenes. It likely has to do with the game selecting the wrong material when trying to make Hilda's pendant glow for some reason.
-I couldn't find a way to replace sound effects, so there are still armor sounds while Hilda is walking or running, and no proper barefoot footstep sounds. Still looking into it.

Credits to @d00m92
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