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Classic Original Tifa Outfit

Classic Original Tifa Outfit 3.0

No permission to download

Single .pak file mesh mod, removes black undershirt and swaps out skirt, suspenders, stocking, arm protector and boots for her Dissidia clothing models. Custom cloth sculpting on white tank-top as well.

HD Project Mod Compatible

This mod does not need any additional costume change mods to work, also the invisible grapple mod and possibly others will hide her gloves.
Placing mods anywhere inside the "\Paks" folder will still enable them, even if they aren't specifically in the "~mods" folder.

For example, mods placed in "/Paks/modsbackup" will still be enabled.

3.0.0 Change Log:
-Added 2 options, 1 for Remake proportions and 1 for PS1 proportions.
-Improved model weight-painting and deformations, including better deformation for her inner clothing.
-Improved jiggle physics stability.
-Corrected a minor skin texture issue.
-Slightly increased leg volume.

Known Issues:
-For the XL option, her suspender straps sometimes clip through her body during some animation.
-For the XL option, her arms will clip through her breast for some animations. There is not much I can do about this one though.

2.7.0 Change Log
-Restored proportions a bit closer to FF7:R's proportions.
-Added Jiggle Physics.
-With matyalatte's new FF7R-DDS-tools, 4K textures are now possible.
-With the addition of 4K textures, I've remastered some of Dissidia's materials to bring them up-to-par with FF7R's materials.
-Also added additional fabric details to Tifa's tank top and arm sleeves with the addition of 4K textures.
-Added Tifa's original arm protector for Dissidia's model.
-Changed all glove weapons to different shades of red.
-Added dolphin tail hair.
-Remade tank top geometry.
-Adjusted wrinkle detail on tank top.
-Fixed bug in textures causing her earring to appear textureless.

I learned a lot more about the game's model and texture behaviors in-general. I will likely update my other mods in the future with what I learned.

2.0.0 Change Log
-Slightly increased breast size
-Slightly increased upper leg volume
-Cleaned up all visible seams, should now appear seamless
-Redid all textures maps to be more accurate to the game's original packaging
-Baked new AO maps, so occluded areas should blend in more naturally with the environment
-Fixed weight painting to be more consistent
-Increased ab definition via increased normal map intensity
-Removed dolphin tail hair (will add options later)
-Minor model tweaks


1.0.0 Change Log
-Added in Dissidia skirt and suspenders
-Added in Dissidia boots and socks
-Added her dolphin tail hair

Merging the FF7R and Dissidia textures together took some time, but I think they turned out pretty good. Some details like her legs have reduced resolution because of it however. The weight painting also uses as much of the original as possible, but there are still some minor things that could be ironed out a bit more.

Her arm protector is the only piece kept just because I personally thought it's a really good upgrade, but I might make a option in the future for the old arm protector as well.

0.9.0 Beta Release
Changes from base mesh:
-Removes black undershirt
-Simplified skirt, just removed all the extra belts hanging off (I'll probably try to include an even simpler skirt with a larger chunky belt closer to the original in the future).
-Sculpted her tank-top to get a better sense of the fabric stretching, like the original artwork.
-Increased breast reaction to physics through weight painting.

This is built off just the original FF7R in-game mesh, with minimal adjustments to weight painting, so all animations should feel the same.


How to Install:

Extract the .pak file and place it into 'Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods'
If you don't have a '~mods' folder, make a new folder and name it that.

Does not require DX11 or setting LOD bias. Compatible with Vortex.


Credits and tools used:

Thanks to MatyaModding, Narknon, and TerryXX for their very easy-to-follow mod tutorial!

-Base models and textures used from Tifa's DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT appearance.
-Additional Modelling & texture remastering by SweetFluff3D

-FF7R-mesh-importer by matyalatte
-UE4-DDS-Tools by matyalatte
-Special Umodel by spiritovod
-unrealpak by FluffyQuack
-Unreal Engine 4 Camera Unlocker by Otis_Inf
-Blender 3.3
-ZBrush 2023
-Photoshop 2023
-Substance Painter 2023
-Unreal Engine 4.18.3


More SweetFluff3D:


Credits to SweetFluff3D
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