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DLSS and frame gen 3.6.0 Update

DLSS and frame gen 3.6.0 Update 2024-03-30

No permission to download

Affects all generations of Nvidia RTX GPUs.

Forbidden West PC is shipped with DLSS + frame generation v3.5.10. This mod updates both to the latest v3.6.0.

This newer version of DLSS + frame gen improves shader compilation speed, VRAM efficiency, undervolt stability, and other enhancements by utilizing the latest trained AI deep learning.


Unzip and replace both files "nvngx_dlss.dll" and "nvngx_dlssg.dll" into the main game folder where the .exe resides


After applying this mod, make sure your in-game display settings window mode is set to "exclusive fullscreen", the regular "fullscreen" is borderless, and my FPS is always lower with borderless. If you alt-tab, it will sometimes switch out of exclusive and back to borderless, so be sure to check it once in a while. Next high frame impact settings are shadows and level of detail, set these to medium. For other settings, don't set anything to very high as you will take a big FPS hit for minimal visual gain. The only exception is texture quality, which you can set to very high depending on how much VRAM you have. Lastly, set parallax occlusion to OFF, it doesn't improve image quality at all and will cost you FPS. With these optimized settings and this update mod, my 4080 Super gets a stable 140 FPS at 4k DLSS Quality with frame gen ON, my VRAM usage was at 11GB for very high texture quality.


Will this mod work for me?
From RTX 2060 to 4090, if you use DLSS, then this mod works for you. The frame generation file only works on RTX 4000 series, you can download it for older Nvidia GPUs too, it just won't do anything unless you want to use DLSS3 to FSR3 frame generation mod, then it will help, but do it at your own risk, I will not provide support.

Why is Frame Gen lowering my FPS on my RTX 2000 / 3000 series?
Because frame gen is meant for the RTX 4000 series only if you force it on an older unsupported GPU, I cannot help you. Frame Gen + Reflex added 50 FPS on my 4080 Super, so it absolutely does work.

What are these 2 files?
"nvngx_dlss.dll" is for DLSS, and "nvngx_dlssg.dll" is for frame generation, they work independently of each other.

How do I check what DLSS version I have?
You can check the version of your new/old DLSS by right-clicking "nvngx_dlss.dll" -> properties -> details tab -> product version. The same applies to the frame gen DLL file.

How do I find my game folder on Steam?
Right-click on your game from the Steam library game list -> Manage -> Browse Local files
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