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Epic Cinematic Graphics UE3 Dev visuals enhanced in Engine rendering Fully customizable

Epic Cinematic Graphics UE3 Dev visuals enhanced in Engine rendering Fully customizable 1.00

No permission to download

Not a Reshade or Ansel screenshot filter.
All graphical features are fully accessible and customizable with UDK UE3 dev graphic parameters in references Unreal User manual
Universal for all Unreal Engine 3 titles.

_|_|_|_|_| _| _| _| _| _|
_| _| _|_| _|_| _|_| _| _| _|
_| _|_| _| _| _| _| _| _| _|
_| _| _| _| _| _|_| _| _| _|
_| _| _|_| _| _| _| _| _|

Back-Up, Copy & Paste:
\Steam\steamapps\common\BioShock Infinite\Engine\Config
- In-game Graphics setting may be reset upon game launch simple set all to ultra. working on a permanent fix.
- near shadow culling may appear with higher resolution & FOV reduces cull to a lower negative value CullDistanceBias=-2

Currently set to 140% internal rendering from your native Resolution:

Simply adjust these parameters first for lower GPU load to achieve performance targets

Fully customizable read side notes within the file.
Production quality
Improved SMAA S5 FXAA sample quality, Draw Distances extended LOD, Diffused = Shadows CSM & maps, reflections res sampling, Ambient occlusion, volumetric, Lighting engine photon mapping, emissive, light maps & normals, light shafts, Global Mip LODs, effects, Improved Rain, character details, Global Textures, SSS, SSGI, SSR, de-noising.
Up-Scaling internal Resolution. Depth of Field Bokeh AA diffused.
10-15% GPU Load increase Recommend 4K 140% screen internal res

Maintained original developer's look and visual features just much Higher Quality Unreal Engine 3 dev parameters utilizing next-gen hardware.

Screen Percentage set to 120% resolution recommend 150% to completely resolve AA artifacts
Some features can be disabled as desired:
Lens Flair & adjustment to color effects

UDK | ConsoleCommands (unrealengine.com)
UE4 Console Variables and Commands (libero.it)
Configuration Files | Unreal Engine Documentation
Adjusting Engine Feature Levels | Unreal Engine Documentation
Texture Streaming Configuration | Unreal Engine Documentation
Screen Percentage with Temporal Upsample | Unreal Engine Documentation
Cull Distance Volumes in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation
Scalability Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation
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