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NieR: Automata - Font tool

NieR: Automata - Font tool v1

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This tool is called "Character Image Generator - By zxsoszx", and it is designed to create images for specific characters from a specified font file and generate commands related to those images. The tool uses the following Python libraries: `PIL` for image processing and `tkinter` to create the graphical user interface.

#### How to use:

1. When the program starts, a window will appear with a title and a button to select a font file.

2. Clicking on the "Select Font File" button will open a dialog to choose a font file in OTF or TTF format.

3. After choosing the font file, images for each character will be generated and saved in the "out_dir" folder.

4. You can then click on the "Generate Character Commands" button to generate a text file containing commands for the generated character images.

#### Available Commands:

- **Select Font File**: To open a dialog to choose the font file you want to use.

- **Generate Character Commands**: To generate a text file that contains commands for each generated character image.
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