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    Important Notice to All Modders
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Resident Evil 3 Remake Nude Mods Collections

Resident Evil 3 Remake Nude Mods Collections 1.00

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Game version
These mods contain:
  1. Classic home screen
  2. Kendo shotgun
  3. Jill default custom replaced with a bikini
  4. Jill classic custom replaced with classic apocalypse style half gear
  5. Carlos noir outfit

This mods build for 1.05
if your game on 1.06 you have to rename the paks so 6-will be 7 ECT
and if you using another mods make sure these mods will not conflict with your mods

How to use these mods:
  1. Connect your ps4 to pc
  2. Enable ftp on ps4
  3. Open filezella on pc and connect to ps4
  4. Now on ps4 go to data>>golehen>>AFR if you can't find it just create it by pressing right click and add new directory and named AFR
  5. Now inside AFR press right click and create new directory and named to the cusa number of your game and add them there

NOTE: i didn't create the mods i just converted to ps4
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