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Tifa reforge by Aerosmith

Tifa reforge by Aerosmith 1.4

No permission to download

High poly body and head mesh 4K textures reality feet shape and pussy even the teeth, inner mouth

Breast Physics including

Version 1.1:
fixed the UV edge seams
fix the teeth size and position
Version 1.2:
fix inner mouth shadows and add a barefoot version

Version 1.3:
fix the white line on pussy

Version 1.4:
1:fixed invert normal
2:use the original head mesh from the game to make her look exactly the same as before
3 add nail color and more natural inner mouth shadow

How to Install:

Extract the .pak file and place it into Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods
If there is no'~mods' folder, just create one

this mod replaced Tifa PurpleDress outfit so make sure you installed the requirements files

if you are interested in my other mods then talk to me on Discord (Aerosmith#9616)


Thanks to all the modding tool creators for your hard work.
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