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Tifa Replace Cloud

Tifa Replace Cloud 1.00

No permission to download

Working cloths and hair physics when applicable. No gameplay or animation issue.

MicroKnightmare previously posted their mod on Nexus, then removed them to post on their Discord server.
They recently decided to delete their Discord account and Discord server but gave permission to share their mod anywhere even without credit.
I decided to share 4 of their mod here as I believe they are really well made and would interest lots of people.

Here is the full quote of the ending message of their Discord server:
"Please download and hold onto any mod you wish to continue to use. At 12AM GMT+7, I will be deleting this server and deleting my Discord account.

As for the mods, you can still re-upload and use them whenever and wherever. Since I will no longer maintain anything, you no longer need to credit me, even if it is a direct redistribution of a mod I made. I'll probably still be around. Maybe."

I'm very gratefull for all the mods they made and hope they will be able to one day come back to the community.
I don't know why all of this happened as I'm pretty new to said community and only leech on the mods.
If any of you got more of their mods please share them too!

Tifa replace Cloud
Yuffie replace Cloud
Scarlet replace Cloud
Shiva replace Cloud

Install through Vortex or extract the .zip file in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods\

Hair Colors for Cloud Aerith and Tifa
Eye Colors for Cloud Aerith and Tifa

Credits to @Natsukashii1111
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