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    Can I backup my jailbroken PS4 and restore later?

    Hi, I Have a jailbroken ps4 on 5.05 but the games are old and I like to play newer games. Thats why I think to update my ps4 to orginal to be able to play newer games. I wonder if there is any way that go back to my jailbroken PS4 later. Maybe backup my ps4 before updating work?
  2. M

    PS4 backup.URL please help!!!

    I downloaded a game called Brawlhalla from a site. I able to install in on my ps4 console and play it as normal. but I can't unlock all the characters in the game. I do find out that the zip files that I downloaded from that site also include PS4 backup.URL file. And I think this file is the...
  3. M

    PS4 restore will it update firmware?

    Hey guys, I've looked everywhere for this question without success, so I hope the awesome community here can help me out! (I'm using the same hardrive as I have invested in an SSHD) 1: I have a PS4 firmware 6.00 2: I bought a PS4 Pro firmware 5.05 3: Did a backup of my PS4 6.00 4: Moved SSHD...
  4. B

    Currupted DB after FTP savegame

    What ive done: I have a ogirinal PS4 5.05 jailbroken backed up by the official way backed up also by the jailbreak way Games are a mix of disk and fpkg took hard drive out put new 2tb hard drive in tried to restore via ftp copying the two folders on the USB root to the newly installed fresh...
  5. G

    PS4 game save backup from fake pkg

    Hello everyone, quick question, I am thinking about switching my hard drives and i backed up game save files to my usb drive through ps4 setting backup and restore (save files are from fake pkg games) will I be able to restore game saves and play them on the same fake pkg games, I have read that...