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  1. Billyy

    EUR Cheat for Batman Arkham Asylum cusa-04607 version 1.02?

    Hello, the uptobox link present on the forum https://ayakalounge.me/threads/ps4-cheats-fpkgs-exploit-host-by-jgduff.17362/#post-80253 for cheats for cusa-04607 ( Batman Arkham Asylum) Is dead, anyone can share me the cheat link for this game? Thanks
  2. S

    Tutorial How to Cheat on PS4 using PS4Trainer - Detailed Guide

    How to Cheat on PS4 Games using PS4 Trainer Using PC/Mac/Android/PS4 Browser and Also a detailed method on analysing your Game CUSAxxx & Game Version. Check it out!
  3. T

    PS4 Web Trainer

    As you know, about 8 months ago I released a desktop application, "PS4 Trainer by TylerMods" to easily cheat games on a kexploited PS4. Over time, the trainer grew in games, cheats, and users. Over this period of time the trainer's file size also began to grow to a ridiculous amount due to the...
  4. X

    USA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - [SLUS-20946] [PTMG Edition v2.1]

    Game Name: Grand theft auto San Andreas PTMG Edition V2.1 Title-ID: SLUS20946 Language: English Size: 2.98GB PS2 version with game fixes and cheat menu. INFORMATION Grand theft auto San Andreas PTMG edition is a mod of French origin which basically allows you to do everything ... It has as an...
  5. iceman2894

    EUR AU Dead Rising 4 Frank's Big Package - [CUSA-08558] - Scrap cheat

    Instructions Start PS4 Cheater. Enable Mira+Hen. Fully start and load the game DR4. Enable Mira+HEN again wait till you see awaiting payload screen DON'T CLOSE THE BROWSER. Click Send Payload in PS4 Cheater. Go back to the game. Choose eboot.bin from the drop-down list in PS4 Cheater. Load the...
  6. iceman2894

    USA WWE 2K18[CUSA08357][5.05]

    Instructions Start PS4 Cheater Enable Mira+Hen Fully start and load the game WWE 2k18 Enable Mira+HEN again to get awaiting payload screen DON'T CLOSE THE BROWSER Send payload from PS4 Cheater Go back to WWE game Load the .cht file attached below into the PS4 Cheater or copy and paste this...
  7. L

    Cheat Fake Saves using Save Wizard

    Does Save Wizard works with save from Fake PKG games? Because I tried to modify the Dragon Ball save, but only gets error. Is it because of the game been a Fake PKG??