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    Tutorial Previously owned games not playable anymore. Solution!

    If you want to play a previously owned game, you won't be able to play it anymore. Starting the Retail version will lead to an error, so you can't even start it. Starting a fpkg of the same game might actually let you start the game but you can't create new savedata because it always says...
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    The data from the following application is corrupted. PS4 Fat, Hen 1.8

    Hey, I have a PS4 fat with 500GB internal HDD with 5.05 firmware and I use an external 1TB USB 3.0 HDD formatted to exfat to install fpkgs. I have installed firstly god of war 4, which runs nice and have been playing that for quite some time. The problem is that, whatever I choose new to...
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    For Mac Users Experiencing Problems!

    Hello, I wanted to start off by saying that this is an amazing community that I sincerely appreciate. So many helpful minds contributing to such a great wealth of information! Very thrilled to be here! With that said, if this post is inappropriate or posted in an inappropriate location I...