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    Reviews [Official Review] Deep Sky Derelicts Definitive Edition [Nintendo Switch]

    Review code provided by the developers This review was supposed to come out long ago but I wanted the right person to review the game... anyway, here it is, our review of Deep Sky Derelicts. This game was reviewed by 2 people, me and another member of the news team, keep that in mind when...
  2. KebabS

    What's good y'all? ;)

    Hey there. I like kebab B) The best introduction ever. Right? ;)
  3. X

    EUR Space Channel 5 Special Edition - [SCES-50611]

    Game Name: Space Channel 5 Special Edition Title-ID: SCES50611/SCES50612 Language: English Size: 2.78GB Special Edition 2 Disc Space Channel 5 Part 1 & Space Channel 5 Part 2 press and hold (PS) button when in game and select the mutidisc option. Download link: HTML: Hidden content
  4. X

    USA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - [SLUS-20946] [PTMG Edition v2.1]

    Game Name: Grand theft auto San Andreas PTMG Edition V2.1 Title-ID: SLUS20946 Language: English Size: 2.98GB PS2 version with game fixes and cheat menu. INFORMATION Grand theft auto San Andreas PTMG edition is a mod of French origin which basically allows you to do everything ... It has as an...
  5. V

    USA The Godfather (Limited Edition) | SLUS-21406

    Game Name: The Godfather (Limited Edition) Title ID: SLUS-21406 Region: USA Size: 4GB MD5: D9D231DA980629D95E1AE4B7E34E4A6F Download link: https://mega.nz/#!qXJzBAaT!Iiyaj23DOmy7Vf8eoajPivKBujN-wt0ENJRZA7fcM-w