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  1. A

    Looking for "Prod.keys" and "Title.keys" to run Switch Emulator

    Hello guys, I want to install a Switch emulator on my PC such as Yuzu or Ryujinx but... I don't have the required "Prod.keys" and "Title.keys" and did not find them on the web. Do you know where I can download them ? Thanks !
  2. N

    PSX_FPKG - Need help for cdda detection

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to play games with cdda track on this emulator without success. Games work well, but without background music. Someone can help ? Best regards
  3. A

    N64 Emulator

    How would I start porting over a N64 Emulator for the PlayStation 4.
  4. J

    ps4 Retro XMB guide??

    I have don a lot of Roms pkg files with Retro XMB guide. when played around with my hacked ps3. and just loved that i could launch the Roms direct from xmb.. is there a way to do this on the ps4 at the moment. :-)
  5. m0nadpr0xy

    GBA Emulator for PS4 released by 7he D4RK H4CK

    This weekend 7he D4RK H4CK a.k.a HackHackStopSop (Twitter) has released a Game Boy Advance Emulator for the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 GBA Emulator is based on a PlayStation 2 GBA Emulator (TempGBA) and has been ported for the PlayStation 4 with the help from Markus95 (Twitter) and zecoxao...
  6. M

    PS4-GBEMU (Gameboy Emulator) [NPXX51385]

    Game Name: PS4-GBEMU Title-ID: NPXX51385 Region: USA Size: 389 MB MD5 Checksum:
  7. M


    Game Title : SNES STATION Title ID : CUSA00000 File Size : 42.62 MB (Small) | 4.06 GB (Large) MD5 Checksum: Not sure where to post this, it's not quite a normal PS2 PKG, and it's also not quite a normal PS4 PKG. The mods can move it if they want. Thanks to avfcth0mas for uploading the full...