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  1. R

    Help PS4 FPKG Error ce-30008-1

    Hello everyone, i have a problem with my own ripped FPKGs for the PS4. I´ve dumped the games via the external Dumper. Everything works fine but... when i install a FPKG game, and try to start it, this error appears: ce-30008-1 I read in several Forums that this means that the FPKG is kind of...
  2. G

    "The software was closed because an error occurred"-message when I start some of my games

    Hello there, I'm using SXOS 2.9.4 with the latest Nintendo FW on a FAT32 emunand right now and I have a problem with some of my installed games. When I try to play Mario Kart 8 or Mario Odyssey, the game starts and I get the "The software was closed because an error occurred" message. I read...
  3. T

    1-2 switch installation error

    Hi everyone, i wondered if somebody could help me please. I am installing (or trying to) 1-2 via tinfoil. everything installs fine. but when i try and launch the game. the option to start software is missing. it simply says update is available... update / cancel any info appreciated. ive tried...
  4. T

    Error CE-38603-0

    Hi, hopefully i've put this in the right place but I'm getting the error code CE-38603-0 when trying to install The Witness fpkg. Have tried searching but couldn't find anything related to the specific error code. I have downloaded the file from at least four different sources and they all...
  5. TheCyndicate

    Not a bug Can you please fix this?

    The search engine is really strange and not consistent. It will claim a search string is too short, but it might be 8 characters long, which is pretty long for a game title. The length check probably needs to be lowered to two characters, as there are some games known as a three letter name for...
  6. H

    Fake PKG Generator Error CUSA00362 (Alien Isolation)

    Hello, I created round about 15 games without any problems with GP4 Generator v1.8 and Fake PKG Generator 3.12 (hotfix2), but when I try to create a Fake PKG for CUSA00362 (Alien Isolation) I got the following error message while the creation process at 20%: [Error] param.sfo: Param...
  7. P

    Error CE-36244-9 CD update

    Hi, I wanted to dump CD games on my jailbroken PS4 5.05 HEN (not connected to the PSN), and I know how to, but I also wanted to update them before dumping so I would get both to upload them here. I saw on Youtube that to update a CD game, I needed an official update from the Octolus website...
  8. Mogi_Codemasterv

    PS4 Error code assistance - The complete list so far

    Im making this thread because I've noticed a lot of people asking in chat what their error code means. This will be here so you can search to see what exact error you have so we can help with troubleshooting. Just unhide the list below and use CTRL+F to search for your error. Please find your...
  9. DarkElement

    PlayStation 4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: I have firmware 5.5x or above. Can I install/download jailbreak? A: There is no public kernel exploit for firmware higher than 5.05, so wait patiently till one releases. The lower the firmware you're on, the better Q: Can I downgrade my PS4? A: You can't. PS4's NOR is encrypted and modyfing...