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  1. R

    Stupid! I updated to 10.2 and didn’t hit exfat and burned a fuse

    Hi so using atmosphere and ChoudriNX I updated to 10.2.0 and didn’t hit the exFat version. I also disabled auto RCM mode so I’ve burned a fuse. How do I go about getting exfat back to my switch? I appreciate I need to move atmosphere etc to a FAT card but can I just reflash the firmware or...
  2. DorianX

    Tutorial FAT32, eXFAT, USB installation. Simple and easy solution to your problem

    This a a simple, reliable, 100% working solution. No NSP splitting. this guide is for BOTH FAT32 and also for exFAT. Many keep asking me for a solution to their FAT32 formatted SD card. So I felt the need to open up this thread to address the following issues. Are having problems putting...
  3. Mogi_Codemasterv

    Use Windows To Format to exfat via DISKPART tool

    This is for the troublesome formats, USB 3.0 drives are basically a must with the size of these fpkg files. start by pressing winkey+R type: cmd Hidden content type: diskpart Hidden content type: list disk Hidden content find your usb drive aka Disk 0, Disk 1, Disk 2 or whatever select...