1. S

    Making applications for the PS4

    I wanted to do some experiments and learn how to make applications in general but there is not real "guide" or "wiki" on it and the OpenSDK was updated about 6 years ago which makes me unsure of it's reliability and usability. I would love to learn how to do it and maybe write a very, very tiny...
  2. W


    I wasnt using my ps4 since so long. and last I jailbreaked my ps4 pn 5.05 hen exploit. is there any new exploit or what? if yes, Kindly tell me how to update on that so i can download latest games.
  3. RexXxy

    Freedvdboot exploit!

    An interesting new DVD exploit for PS2! Freedvdboot *currently requires DVD firmware 3.10U or 3.10E "Don't bother trying 3.10 on a different firmware, it won't work..." https://github.com/CTurt/FreeDVDBoot Let's you run homebrew/backups straight from burned DVD. No console hardware...
  4. B

    Upgrading the internal PS4 HDD 5.05 Exploited Firmware question..

    Hello I just recently purchased an 8TB 3.5 SATA HDD to replace my original 1TB HDD in my exploited 5.05FW PS4 pro. (I purchased a SATA extension to route the 3.5 to go on the side of the console) 1. What will I need to do to upgrade my HDD without losing my exploit? 2. Can you please put it...
  5. G

    How to install GAME Updates on 5.05 JAILBROKEN PS4 Without internet

    hello i have a issue while installing Game update pkgs from ps4database.io i downloaded PKG update file for game named:CUSA06407_00 i have try to install The update in ps4 this error shows "CE-36441-8" How to fix and install updates plz help me
  6. J

    Running PS4 Host on Asuswrt-Merlin (Your Router)

    Just posting it here in case someone else is interested: Al Azif's ps4 exploit host on ASUS router running Assuswrt Merlin: https://github.com/Joseph230/ps4-exploit-host-on-Assuswrt-Merlin/wiki/Al-Azif's-ps4-exploit-host-on-ASUS-router-running-Assuswrt-Merlin
  7. adzx

    PS4 Jailbreak Tutorial Noob Friendly

    This is a simple 4 step tutorial on how to jailbreak your PS4 For this tutorial you will have 2 options either host your own exploit on your PC or use the Official ayakalounge site. Requirements: 1. Al Azif's exploit Host (for hosting locally) Get it Here. 2. An exploitable PS4 on FW 4.05 Or...