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    PS4 FPKG Update Repackager by Tooretoo42

    What is this ? A script that make quick and easy the repackaging of ps4 fpkg update (fully automated process) Who did this ? This script has been written completely from scratch by myself (inspired by duxa’s unpacker). Why should I use it ? To resign fpkg update build with a different base...
  2. Guillaume MrNiato

    Fake PKG Generator for 5.05 available (version 3.12)

    First of all you can follow me on Twitter to get more news : https://twitter.com/ImMrNiato The famous Fake PKG Generator tool has been updated by Radziu right after the 5.05 kexploit. This software allow you to create Kpkg (fake package) and run them using the kexploit ! :) Hidden content...