fake pkg

  1. M

    USA EUR JPN Aesthetic Theme - [CUSA-98761]

    Title: Aesthetic Theme Title-ID: CUSA98761 Size: 11MB Note: Background music included! I'm sorry that I couldn't add some pictures of the theme because I don't own a PS4 anymore, so if you are kindly then I would appreciate it if you could send some pictures per message to me. If If CUSA98761...
  2. Ameer

    Orange box

    Ps4 support ps3 games Isn't that right So can someone create fake pkg game for Orange box or half life 2
  3. KebabS

    Playing retail games + DLC

    Hey guys How do I play a game like Tekken 7 with DLC? I got the game as disc but I cannot seem to play DLC 1. I tried installing the DLC that my brother, 윤희지, uploaded but unfortunately it doesn't work :( I am using a jailbroken PS4 on 5.05, Han 1.7. I hope someone can help me. I jailbroke my...
  4. B

    USA Growlanser 5 - Heritage of War - [SLUS21571]

    UNDUB Version!!! Game Title: Growlanser 5 - Heritage of War Title ID: SLUS21571 Codebreaker: NO Widescreen Patched: NO Issues: The char images aren't perfect, but the games seem very playable. Enjoy. Hidden content