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  1. Dices514

    Pkg File versions different in Goldhen v2.3

    Hi All Running into a weird issue. So it seems like all my pkg files that i add to my ps4 it shows up as v1.01 when i load up Goldhen v2.3. The actual version in the ps4 viewer is v1.0. Im pretty sure I have the correct version as I use PS4 PKG Tool to rename all my pkgs. Reason i want to get...
  2. 98otiss03

    JPN Persona 5 The Royal (Theme) - [CUSA-08644] Amazon/Deluxe/Magazine Themes [Permanent]

    Theme Name JP: ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル スペシャルテーマ『The Phantom Thieves』 Theme Name EN: Persona 5 The Royal Amazon Bundle Theme Title ID: CUSA08644 Size: 22MB MD5: ba44477b7a8c9d404a618c4bd633f6b0 Theme Name JP: 『ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル』ペルソナマガジンオリジナルテーマ Theme Name EN: Persona Magazine #2019 Theme Title ID: CUSA08644...
  3. U

    Tutorial Previously owned games not playable anymore. Solution!

    If you want to play a previously owned game, you won't be able to play it anymore. Starting the Retail version will lead to an error, so you can't even start it. Starting a fpkg of the same game might actually let you start the game but you can't create new savedata because it always says...
  4. N

    PS2 & PS1 Game freeze after conversion to FPKG PS4 6.72

    Hi. I could not find these games on dark software website, so I tried to convert them by my self and I failed because they keep freezing on the loading screen PS2 game: Crash twinsanity PS1 game: vigilante 8 Any advice & tips are welcome :)
  5. N

    Enable Multitap for ps2 pkgs

    Hello Guys, I am trying to create a fpkg for ps4 5.05 for PS2 game Smackdown here comes the pain with multitap enabled so that I can play TLC matches with my friends just like the old days, I have tried to create .pkg file from the ps2 game iso using ps4 ps2 classics gui and have tried setting...
  6. V

    How to merge a FPKG game with FPKG update

    Thank you for reading my post and sorry if I posted it at the wrong place. My issue is, I have a base game FPKG and update FPKG and they are already married to each other and working fine. I extracted the base game, copied Sc0 contents in the sce_sys folder, and did the same with update FPKG...
  7. M

    PS4 PassCodes for PKG ... Let's "mine" them

    Hi... I know, it's crazy to think we can brute force a 32 alphanumeric random key first off... but lets just take it as an ambitious project from the coding standpoint and lets give the community a chance to get lucky for once. I've been working now for some days on a program which would try to...
  8. E

    NAS/Raid Server With RPI for PS4 Games

    I had an idea, where you put your games on a NAS server. You could put all your games on hard drives using APP2USB then move it to a homemade NAS server using A Raspberry Pi. I just need to find a way to make the ps4 read from a network location. Is this possible? If so, how would I do it? Thanks
  9. H

    USA Th3 Plan [SLUS-21466]

    Th3 Plan Title-ID: SLUS-21466 Game Audio Language: English Game Menus: English Game Region: NTSC-U Game Size: 1.93 GB Original Release Date: 17/04/2007 Download Links Hidden content Password: Hansika Motwani Note: The game runs fine without any issues.
  10. H

    USA Tomb Raider Legend - [SLUS-21203]

    Tomb Raider Legend Title-ID: SLUS-21203 Game Audio Language: English Game Subtitle and Menu: English, French, Spanish Game Region: NTSC-U Game Size: 2.84GB Original Release Date: 04/11/2006 Download Links Hidden content Password: Hansika Motwani Note: The Game runs fine with some minor...
  11. J

    USA Half-Life: Uplink Mod [SLUS_20066]

    Game Name: Half-Life: Uplink Mod Region: NTSC Size: 203 MB Title-ID: UP9000-JABU20066_00-SLUS200660000001 Notes: This mod was made by supadupaplex, you can read about it *here*. Download link: Hidden content
  12. M

    PS4 backup.URL please help!!!

    I downloaded a game called Brawlhalla from a site. I able to install in on my ps4 console and play it as normal. but I can't unlock all the characters in the game. I do find out that the zip files that I downloaded from that site also include PS4 backup.URL file. And I think this file is the...
  13. S

    Help !! Error CE-36244-9 is driving me crazy !

    Hello everybody, First of all I own a jailbroken PS4 slim 5.05 exploited with HEN 1.8 and I own both 320gb internal HDD converted to usb by rack + 16 gb Sandisk pendrive, to transfer games, updates and dlcs. I used to install games, updates normally with the pendrive before getting this HDD...
  14. A

    PS4 RIPpacks, RIPkits, ect.

    Hi there! Do you know how to make a repack of fpkg? Or just some kind of software and tutorials how it works
  15. R

    USA Van Helsing - [SLUS-20738]

    Game Name: Van Helsing Title-ID: SLUS20738 Region: USA Language: English, French, Etc Size: 1.5 GB Hidden content
  16. R

    USA Ghost Rider - [SLUS-21306]

    Game Name: Ghost Rider Title-ID: SLUS21306 Region: USA Language: English, French, Etc Size: 2.5 GB Hidden content
  17. P

    How to get all updates and dlc for a disc game?

    Hi All, I am going to explain what I'd like to do : I have some ps4 disc game and without connecting to PSN,cause I've 5.05, I want to download all updates for the game selected and repeat same operation for dlc. I know there is a web site ps4 database for the updates, but I don't know if...
  18. S

    Death Stranding: Custom Theme

    Death Stranding Custom Theme Custom Theme Contains: Death Stranding Background Death Stranding E3 Background Music Default Scroll Sounds Default Application Images Download Information: Title ID: CUSA09095 File Name: DEATH_STRANDING_THEME_SPECLIZER.pkg Size: 6.81MB Download: Hidden content
  19. S

    The Last of Us Remastered: Custom Theme

    The Last of Us Custom Theme Custom Theme Contains: The Last of Us Background The Last of Us Theme Song Default Scroll Sounds Default Application Images Download Information: Title ID: CUSA99999 TLOU_THEME_SPECLIZER.pkg Hidden content
  20. D

    Ripping Language And extra contents

    Hi guyz, Earlier we used to rip Ps3 language and extra video / audio etc files from BLES\BLUS folders,,is it still possible with working Ps4 FPKGs ?? is there any step by step guide for that?