1. R

    Help PS4 FPKG Error ce-30008-1

    Hello everyone, i have a problem with my own ripped FPKGs for the PS4. I´ve dumped the games via the external Dumper. Everything works fine but... when i install a FPKG game, and try to start it, this error appears: ce-30008-1 I read in several Forums that this means that the FPKG is kind of...
  2. iceman2894

    PS4 FPKG suggestion

    I am suggesting if we edited the Fake Package List to a table or a seperate thread with known issues and confirmed working PS4 software version & ps4 hardware type that would be contributed by members here so it would be easy to know the possible issues of a fpkg.
  3. adzx

    PS4 Jailbreak Tutorial Noob Friendly

    This is a simple 4 step tutorial on how to jailbreak your PS4 For this tutorial you will have 2 options either host your own exploit on your PC or use the Official ayakalounge site. Requirements: 1. Al Azif's exploit Host (for hosting locally) Get it Here. 2. An exploitable PS4 on FW 4.05 Or...