1. Azrial

    Any new games!

    I've just purchased a ROG Ally, and I'm looking for new PC games, but I'll be damned if I can find any sites that have anything, or torrents that actually download, looking for stuff like Diablo IV, Prince of Persia (the new one) Baldur's Gate 3, Robocop. Any help of where to look would be...
  2. B

    Yo, Whats up?!

    1. How did you find ayakalounge? I Found the site looking for PKG files. I have a low firmware PS4 Pro on the way and wanted to get ahead of the curve. 2. What is your favorite games? I'm an RPG guy. SNES and PS1 era have my favorite RPG games IE; Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, FF6 type of...
  3. E

    NAS/Raid Server With RPI for PS4 Games

    I had an idea, where you put your games on a NAS server. You could put all your games on hard drives using APP2USB then move it to a homemade NAS server using A Raspberry Pi. I just need to find a way to make the ps4 read from a network location. Is this possible? If so, how would I do it? Thanks
  4. KebabS

    What's good y'all? ;)

    Hey there. I like kebab B) The best introduction ever. Right? ;)
  5. RiPPERD

    NDownloader 1.0 By Pilout

    NDownloader 1.0 (out of beta now) I am posting this for a friend, i have been helping from start of this app with testing and ideas and the app is now at a very good stage. i have personally tested this app from start to finish and its a big hit on another forum so thought i would share it...
  6. S

    Shiggitay is here... well since May, but yeah...

    Hey all... I registered for this forum back in May, but I never bothered to make an intro thread lol so here it is: 1. How did you find ayakalounge? <<< I don't quite remember, but it's served me quite well for collecting games that run on PS4 OFW 5.05 (with HEN/Mira enabled of course). 2...
  7. O

    Hello everyone, happy to be part the community :)

    Hi, happy to be part the community :)
  8. R

    Any Missing PS2 Games?

    From what i can tell, every PS2 game ever made (the good and decent ones anyway) that works on PS4 via emulator, has been posted. Is there any game you think is missing? If there is, post the name of it on this thread and i'll see if it works on PS4. If it does, i'll create a thread for it.
  9. S

    PS4 6.02 Jailbreak!!!! *HELP*

    So!, I started my new PS4 and was sitting around playing a Little bit, and the thought came to me, well why not Jailbreak it because i want more games to it and i didn't had the Money to buy a new one.. so, I was just wondering, how the heck do i Jailbreak a PS4 on a firmware 6.02? I checked...
  10. U


    Urbellum here, lets get started: 1. How did you find ayakalounge? Youtube,Moddedwarfare 2. What is your favorite games? Skyrim, Withcer, LoL, Rogue Trooper, Mario 64...:( 3. What is your favorite anime or cartoon, comic, hentai, drama? DBZ, used to read avengers, spiderman comics 4. Do have any...
  11. X


    Game Name: ARCADE ACTION 30 GAMES Title-ID: SLES52949 Language: English Size: 220MB Download link: HTML: Hidden content
  12. X

    JPN TECHMO Hit Parade - [SLPS20401]

    Game Name: TECHMO Hit Parade Title-ID: SLPS20401 Language: Japanese/English Size: 77MB Download link: HTML: Hidden content
  13. G


    Hy guys I just use Al azif exploit in my Ps4 so I just cache the exploits now I want to clear the user guide/help PAGE how to clear cache and cookies of user guide page?
  14. G

    How to install GAME Updates on 5.05 JAILBROKEN PS4 Without internet

    hello i have a issue while installing Game update pkgs from i downloaded PKG update file for game named:CUSA06407_00 i have try to install The update in ps4 this error shows "CE-36441-8" How to fix and install updates plz help me
  15. G

    Help me

    i downloaded Watch Dogs 2 and it's has 59 parts and how i can merge the files and become just 1 file ???????