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    Complete 7.02 PS4 Jailbreak & Upgrade Guide / Tutorial - Should You Update?

    Here's a Step-by-Step Guide How to Update to 7.02 from 5.05 / 6.72 and Jailbreaking 7.02 using two different Hosts. Also Touched upon IF YOU SHOULD UPDATE? Do Check it Out Guys :)
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    GTA 5 Mod on 6.72 (All Versions) - Step by Step Guide! Tutorial

    Want to Mod on GTA 5 while being on 6.72? Here's a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Mod on GTA 5 (Base Version, 1.27 & 1.32 Versions) Check it out :
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    Tutorial How to Cheat on PS4 using PS4Trainer - Detailed Guide

    How to Cheat on PS4 Games using PS4 Trainer Using PC/Mac/Android/PS4 Browser and Also a detailed method on analysing your Game CUSAxxx & Game Version. Check it out!
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    Remote Package Installer PS4 6.72 Jailbreak Guide (Wifi & LAN) Windows / Mac [Tutorial]

    Detailed How-To Remote Package Installer over Wifi & LAN for Windows / Mac on 6.72 Guide :
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    PSA: Don't rebuild your database

    I rebuilt my database earlier to try and recover a corrupted Persona 5 save. It fucked up the database and made all of the fakepkg games disappear completely from the library along with the "purchased" section. I found a way to unfuck it, but it takes SEVERAL hours. Use the FTP payload on your...