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  1. N

    [PS2onPS4] [HELP] How are these 4-player patches done?

    Hi. Do anyone have any idea Kozarovv found these offsets for the 4-player patches (see the mtap related code in the spoilers below)? The PS2 emulator can't handle inputs for games that require multitap to be connected on port 2, these are seen as controller 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D and are therefore not...
  2. O

    Help with updating Switch OLED

    Hi all, Been used to jailbreaking business for years with PS3/WII u/APPLE phones Switch V1 ETC , but I Just got my first OLED and finished installing a Chip into an OLED and got atmosphere working no issue. I updated the sys to V17.0.0 no issues than when I go into the CFW mode I use...
  3. Zaje

    Did my switch die?

    Everything was working fine, I turned off my switch because I wanted to change from emummc to sysnand, however I forgot to press the vol button and now mi switch won't turn on. It doesn't get detected by Tegra neither the dock, it cannot charge and I've try holding the button for 15s, 30s and...
  4. V

    Let me help find some room on your SD card!

    A tip for new and experienced "homewbrewers". Due to cluster size limits on your sd card, you may be wasting a lot of room on your SD cards. If you downloaded a bunch of config files, or even cheat files, they may only be 1-2mb in size, but will take up 32mb if not more! (these are just examples...
  5. J

    Updating from 8.1.0 / AMS 0.9.4|S to newer version

    Hello! It's been a while since i posted here, last time i succesfully update my switch with help from all kind people here. Right now, i just tried to boot my switch again to play some games, but most of the game now need higher version than i have right now. Right now im at 8.1.0 / AMS...
  6. Z

    Piracy on CECH3000B tutorial ?

    Can anyone help me with Howto hack my ps3 into accepting pirated Files/ISO? A whole tutorial would be nice. I already installed HFW , then HEN and then overinstalled HEN with HAN but i cant still make the games run. They always freeze after launching em from XMB through MultiMAN. Any help is...
  7. T

    My switch with sx os v2.9 wont boot up all of a sudden (unsolved again)

    I have a nintendo switch with the software version 9.0.0 and i got sx os version 2.9 installed on my sd card. Now I've been able to play for a few months with this no problem. After a while i sometimes got an error while trying to boot the switch up saying 'An error has occured' ,but if i tried...
  8. G

    "The software was closed because an error occurred"-message when I start some of my games

    Hello there, I'm using SXOS 2.9.4 with the latest Nintendo FW on a FAT32 emunand right now and I have a problem with some of my installed games. When I try to play Mario Kart 8 or Mario Odyssey, the game starts and I get the "The software was closed because an error occurred" message. I read...
  9. D

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Hello! So I have a hackable Switch on firmware 9.0.0. - asking to be updated. Where do I start to be able to run emulators and ROM dumps on my device? I went to a wiki page but it doesn't mention my firmware or have downloads and whatnot on how to downgrade, etc. Thanks in advance! I'm hoping...
  10. T

    1-2 switch installation error

    Hi everyone, i wondered if somebody could help me please. I am installing (or trying to) 1-2 via tinfoil. everything installs fine. but when i try and launch the game. the option to start software is missing. it simply says update is available... update / cancel any info appreciated. ive tried...
  11. Eighties

    Help Needed with Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV) Prologue Bug

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help me with this… I downloaded a FPKG of GTA V for my PS4 Pro running FW 5.05 It had 3 package files: 1.EP1004-CUSA00411_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-A0100-V0105.pkg for the base game. 2.EP1004-CUSA00411_00-GTAVDIGITALDOWNL-A0127-V0100.pkg for Update 1.27...
  12. T


    my ps4 had a faulty HDMI port which i got replaced to the newer 2.1 version, since it wouldnt connect to the tv properly and would constantly stay as a black screen and since then it was ok FOR A FEW WEEKS. no audio at all, audio only appears when the screen randomly comes back on for a few...
  13. J

    True noob here... looking to get my rar files to isos

    If not allowed please delete. As the title says I'm a total noob as far as this goes. I have no problem getting the fake ps2 pkg files and playing them on my ps4 with the 5.05 update. I use the jdownloader2 link grabber but I was wondering if someone could help me to turn them into isos. Also I...
  14. O

    Save Game Backups 'Corruption' Error

    My save game is not actually corrupt. As far as I can tell my ps4 doesn't recognize it. One day I got bored and I was messing around with my Skyrim save, and I used the DB dackup tool and backed up all my games. I had a lot of saves, worth about 3gb, so I did on initial back of everything, and...
  15. A

    "Bypass ps4 update"

    How do I bypass ps4 update to sign to psn, I'm on version 4.55 and I would love it to stay that way I'm in UK I'm guessing that means I have an EU console, and yes I have the disabled updates enabled. I'm just scared I don't want it updating without my consent. I just want to sign in to unlock...
  16. DarkElement

    PlayStation 4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: I have firmware 5.5x or above. Can I install/download jailbreak? A: There is no public kernel exploit for firmware higher than 5.05, so wait patiently till one releases. The lower the firmware you're on, the better Q: Can I downgrade my PS4? A: You can't. PS4's NOR is encrypted and modyfing...