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    Introductions Bro!

    Sup broskiis, new user here(nah) just decided to make an account cuz this commun seems cool. ok going in format from what the basic intro says, here we gooo 1. Found this place on reddit () 2. Fav games are anything to do with hentai, except ntr, cuz ntr bad 3. fav out of those is hentai, and...
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    Hi to all at AKL from Me

    Hi all, I found AKL via twitter from Lightningmods tweet.My Favorite games are Uncharted Series, Horizon zero dawn and the last of us.(also many others) I don't watch too much anime or cartoons but I liked Samurai X. I like all kind of music but it depends on my mood. Lives some where in Asia...
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    Hello Akayalounge Users!

    1. How did you find ayakalounge? Found ayakalounge via forum threads of users looking for the same thing "Dark Software". xD 2. What is your favorite games? Enjoyed the Tomb Raider series and some casual games (custom Dota 2 matches, Diablo 3) 3. What is your favorite anime or cartoon, comic...
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    Hi everyone, I am Walid from Algeria, I am very glad to be here. I love games PC, or console. I have many favorite games, I usually love RPG games like FF, mass effect and the witcher.........etc.
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    Greetings and salutations

    How's it going everyone, find inline answers below: 1. How did you find ayakalounge? Via PSHAX site. 2. What is your favorite games? GOW 2018 3. What is your favorite anime or cartoon, comic, hentai, drama? Ren and Stimpy 4. Do have any musical interests you would like to share with us...