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  1. S

    Tutorial PS5 Jailbreak Released! For Firmware 4.03 - All Details Covered

    Hey Guys! Update No.5 (Sorry missed out on posting the previous updates on here) However, we are at a stage where a Jailbreak is Released for the PS5 on 4.03. Not an 'Entire' Jailbreak since it doesn't bypass the HV yet, But from a Kernel + Webkit point of view - YES. Video covering all...
  2. U

    Tutorial Previously owned games not playable anymore. Solution!

    If you want to play a previously owned game, you won't be able to play it anymore. Starting the Retail version will lead to an error, so you can't even start it. Starting a fpkg of the same game might actually let you start the game but you can't create new savedata because it always says...
  3. S

    [TUTORIAL] Complete Update & Jailbreak PS4 9.00 Firmware - Step By Step - Video

    Here's a Detailed Tutorial Covering Updating to 9.00 & Jailbreaking 9.00 Firmware with the USB, How to Flash, Steps to Inject GoldHen 2.0 as well. Check it out guys! :)
  4. M

    What is the most stable jailbreak currently ?

    Hi all .. iam currently on 5.05 jailbreak , i want to upgrade should i go for 7.55 Karo218 jailbreak , or what is the most stable FM Currently ?!
  5. S

    Complete 7.02 PS4 Jailbreak & Upgrade Guide / Tutorial - Should You Update?

    Here's a Step-by-Step Guide How to Update to 7.02 from 5.05 / 6.72 and Jailbreaking 7.02 using two different Hosts. Also Touched upon IF YOU SHOULD UPDATE? Do Check it Out Guys :)
  6. S

    EUR Viaplay app Nopsn

    hi i search after a nordic streaming app with name Viaplay. ps3 has this one with nopsn. someone has patch this for ps4 jailbreak ?
  7. S

    How to Remote Play PS4 6.72 Windows/Mac/Android [Video Tutorial]

    Hey Guys, Here's a Detailed Tutorial on How to use Remote Play through Chiaki on Windows / Mac / Android Step-By-Step. Hope this Helps people looking for it!
  8. A

    I need help with my ps4 jailbreak

    I used the jailbreak for my ps4 last year. I have since then moved and changed my wifi. I tried connecting to the new wifi but it doens't allow me to run mira/hen nor can I browse the internet. I can open up the exploit page but can't do anything else. All out of options. Any help would be...
  9. P

    Can I backup my jailbroken PS4 and restore later?

    Hi, I Have a jailbroken ps4 on 5.05 but the games are old and I like to play newer games. Thats why I think to update my ps4 to orginal to be able to play newer games. I wonder if there is any way that go back to my jailbroken PS4 later. Maybe backup my ps4 before updating work?
  10. M

    PS4 5.05 Jailbreak (Quick & Dirty)

  11. KebabS

    How do I restore my savedata?

    Hey. I just screwed up big time. I was deleting a game by using Mira + HEN and all I wanted to was just delete the game, savedata and patches but it deleted every single thing now. I thought the setting was for one single game but instead it was for every game. Is there any way to undo this? I...
  12. S

    PS4 6.02 Jailbreak!!!! *HELP*

    So!, I started my new PS4 and was sitting around playing a Little bit, and the thought came to me, well why not Jailbreak it because i want more games to it and i didn't had the Money to buy a new one.. so, I was just wondering, how the heck do i Jailbreak a PS4 on a firmware 6.02? I checked...
  13. T

    5.55 jailbreak question

    Hello! I know the question has been asked numerous times on the internet, but I can’t seem to find a definite answer or something close to it. So, what’s going on with the 5.55 jailbreak. Do hackers plan to release an exploit? Do they wait for a new version? Does somebody know more about this...
  14. G

    Hello,III0 got em!

    Hello guys, I'm sorta new here. Been downloading stuff lately from the ps4 forums. I would just like to thank everyone who are contributing to this website, its a great help for newbies like me. For the developer thank you also for creating this community I hope it goes well in the future. To...
  15. A

    6.0 is OUT!!!

    now that 6.0 is officially out i hope we're closer to the release of 5.55 jb.. so excited right now.. some people say asap, some say october and some even say november.. whatever the date is, the sooner psn doesn't work on 5.55 or 5.56 the better for us folk waiting for a jb..
  16. A

    6.0 update

    spider-man is less than a week away from being released and there has been no news regarding the release date of 6.0 yet.. i hope it stays this way.. this'll allow us to play all the latest games that have been released for 5.55 as soon as the cfw for it is released, which i'm guessing will be...
  17. X


    Hey my name is Viktor i'm a German/Russian guy and 18 years old. I'm really interested in Playstation 4 Jailbreaking!
  18. A

    spiderman ac odyssey tomb raider requirement

    what firmware are these games going to require? 5.55 or 6.0.. i hope they are on 5.55 so a jb 5.55 can allow us to play them asap.. wish the jb for 5.55 was out already! i want to play onrush...
  19. R

    Getting a ps4

    Hey guys, I'm a long time pc user and I've never had a console. I recently found out that ps4 jailbreak and pirated games are a thing and am trying to get a ps4 now but I'm looking for some general advice. I will use it jailbroken almost exclusively as money is really tight here and an AAA game...
  20. S

    HELLO :) Break me OUT!

    Yo! New ps4 owner here. Inadvertently updated to 5.55...Noooo Wanna jailbreak for free games! Until then, I am learning all I can about exploits, CFW, hurdles i may have to jump, ETC. Any tips anyone has would be greatly appreciated! Glad to be here!