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    This is wholly false information that deceives everyone. I am the only one that managed this forum for 5 years. Also, this forum is not affiliated with a discord server and has completely different ownership.
    This forum has been re-branded to a new domain which is now called AyakaLounge.me
    Your data is not stolen or breached. Your password is completely hashed and secured. Also, It is impossible to decrypt your password at bcrypt hashes.
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    Remote Package Installer PS4 6.72 Jailbreak Guide (Wifi & LAN) Windows / Mac [Tutorial]

    Detailed How-To Remote Package Installer over Wifi & LAN for Windows / Mac on 6.72 Guide :
  2. P

    Offline LAN play on different FW PS4s

    I have 2 PS4s, one is HEN 5.05 and another PS4 for more recent stuff. Would I be able to play something like RE5 or 6 through a LAN lobby on separate PS4s, instead of doing split screen if games are the same version. I don't know if you can LAN play RE5 or 6 yet, I assume it's possible, yet I...
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    System Link integrated inside CFW

    I am wondering if it will be possible to integrate the function to the ps4 as some developers did on x360 take a look at xboxunity.net. You can start games via x360 and join them via systemlink all without a pc. I know there is XBSLink but that needs a pc. Im guessing that players want to...