1. M

    Mig Switch - converted NSP files!

    It seems there's a few people buying these now and they can play/mount xci files just fine. Some reveiwers are claiming that they can't play converted xci - most likely because the tools they are using to convert doesn't include the tik file and the nca files remain decrypted. Anyway for those...
  2. DorianX

    Tutorial FAT32, eXFAT, USB installation. Simple and easy solution to your problem

    This a a simple, reliable, 100% working solution. No NSP splitting. this guide is for BOTH FAT32 and also for exFAT. Many keep asking me for a solution to their FAT32 formatted SD card. So I felt the need to open up this thread to address the following issues. Are having problems putting...
  3. T

    1-2 switch installation error

    Hi everyone, i wondered if somebody could help me please. I am installing (or trying to) 1-2 via tinfoil. everything installs fine. but when i try and launch the game. the option to start software is missing. it simply says update is available... update / cancel any info appreciated. ive tried...
  4. B

    Playing games that don't require Nintendo's online service on a banned switch

    Hey guys, so as the title suggests, I want to know if I can play online on my Nintendo switch that has been banned. Now obviously common Sense will tell you no, but i didn't know if the answer would be different when it comes to games that don't require Nintendo's online service such as...
  5. Z


    Colombiano interesado en juegos de nintendo switch nsp
  6. P

    Shikondo nsp problem

    Hi I downloaded the nsp of shikhondo soul eater from warez NX and I'm triyng to install it but I get error every time. I tried two times via usb and tinfoil crashed, tried to send the nsp file throw ftp but the copy failed and I passed the file on the sd throw usb two times but tinfoil doesn't...