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  1. B

    Playing games that don't require Nintendo's online service on a banned switch

    Hey guys, so as the title suggests, I want to know if I can play online on my Nintendo switch that has been banned. Now obviously common Sense will tell you no, but i didn't know if the answer would be different when it comes to games that don't require Nintendo's online service such as...
  2. S

    USA Resident Evil Outbreak - [SLUS-20765] [File #1 + File #2]

    Game Name: Resident Evil Outbreak: File #1 + File #2 Codebreaker Injected: NO Widescreen: YES Title-ID: SLUS-207.65 // SLUS-209.84 Size: 7GB Issues: None that I noticed. Notes: Idea courtesy of @Crazy Potato, I just cleaned it up a bit with a better performing emulator and correct WS patching :)...
  3. M

    4.05-5.05 Online Multiplayer Testing

    I'm working on a method to play certain PS4 games online. Right now I'm using Hamachi just to make sure it works right. Once the POC is finished I'll create a dedicated program kind of like X-link Kai. Right now I need three testers, it's first come first serve so hurry up. In order to apply...
  4. C

    Exploit 5.05 - Can I go "Online"?

    Hi Guys, I have a question: Can I go online while i´m on exploit 5.05? I´m asking because some games like The Crew are only playable when i´m online. if not, why do some sources dump this game when nobody can play it completly ofline? Greets