1. A

    Sly 2 Band of Thieves ps2 to ps4 pkg fix!?

    Sup, for a while now I've waiting for Sly 2 to get the fixed treatment like many other ps2 games, the game lags so much that it's unplayable on ps4. I've seen many other ps2 games with the same issues that have been fixed so Im thinking maybe the same could be done here. If anyone would take...
  2. A

    Update fpkg

    i was looking for fallout 4 for ps4 with italian language. i found CUSA02962 but it has updates up to 1.22 with orbispatch I noticed that it goes up to 1.34 is there a way to make retail updates work with an fpkg game, perhaps through some procedure? or would you be able to make the latest...
  3. V

    Confusion about different versions and backporting

    Hi, i have a PS4 500GB with 5.05 jailbrak. I bought it recently already like this and i am very new to this scene. First time i own a console after 20+ years since the PS1 days. Anyway i have been installing games fine so far via PKG i got from torrents. Today i got 2 new games, MediEvil and...
  4. M

    PS4 PassCodes for PKG ... Let's "mine" them

    Hi... I know, it's crazy to think we can brute force a 32 alphanumeric random key first off... but lets just take it as an ambitious project from the coding standpoint and lets give the community a chance to get lucky for once. I've been working now for some days on a program which would try to...
  5. E

    NAS/Raid Server With RPI for PS4 Games

    I had an idea, where you put your games on a NAS server. You could put all your games on hard drives using APP2USB then move it to a homemade NAS server using A Raspberry Pi. I just need to find a way to make the ps4 read from a network location. Is this possible? If so, how would I do it? Thanks
  6. KebabS

    Playing retail games + DLC

    Hey guys How do I play a game like Tekken 7 with DLC? I got the game as disc but I cannot seem to play DLC 1. I tried installing the DLC that my brother, 윤희지, uploaded but unfortunately it doesn't work :( I am using a jailbroken PS4 on 5.05, Han 1.7. I hope someone can help me. I jailbroke my...
  7. G

    Violet Evergarden Custom theme

    Hidden content
  8. A

    PS4 RIPpacks, RIPkits, ect.

    Hi there! Do you know how to make a repack of fpkg? Or just some kind of software and tutorials how it works
  9. R

    EUR Swords Of Destiny - [SLUS-20902]

    Game Name: Swords Of Destiny Title-ID: SLUS20902 Region: EUR Language: English, Etc Size: 4.3 GB Hidden content
  10. R

    USA Onimusha: Warlords - [SLUS-20018]

    Game Name: Onimusha: Warlords Title-ID: SLUS20018 Region: USA Language: English, Japanese, Etc Size: 3.8 GB Hidden content
  11. W

    Fortnite Fake PKG??

    I noticed that Fortnite doesn't require PSN to play and I couldn't seem to find a pkg anywhere. Anyone got one? Even if it doesn't work, can anyone still upload it. Thx much appreciated.
  12. W

    Anyone got official pkg link for Entwined Theme?

    I hear there are ways to obtain the official pkg links from the playstation. I've searched around but haven't figured it out. Any one know how I can get it for the Entwined Theme?
  13. B

    Help, I accidentally installed update before base game for PS4

    Hi guys, I was installing Battlefield 1 and I accidentally installed the v1.20 update before the base game and now I can't seem to update the game no more. I found out that the update was being installed in my 'other' folder instead (which I don't have no access to) so I'm unable delete it. I...
  14. D

    USA Kingdom Hearts 2 - SLUS-21005

    Kingdom Hearts 2 - SLUS-21005 Game Name: Kingdom Hearts 2 Title-ID:SLUS-21005 Region:USA Language:English Size:3.74GB
  15. C

    USA The Last of Us Outbreak Day Dynamic Theme - [CUSA-00552]

    The Last of Us Outbreak Day Dynamic Theme Dumped by me :) ID: CUSA00552 UNTESTED (don't want to overwrite my official install of the theme, will attempt re dump if pkg doesn't work)
  16. D

    Ripping Language And extra contents

    Hi guyz, Earlier we used to rip Ps3 language and extra video / audio etc files from BLES\BLUS folders,,is it still possible with working Ps4 FPKGs ?? is there any step by step guide for that?
  17. M


    Game Title : SNES STATION Title ID : CUSA00000 File Size : 42.62 MB (Small) | 4.06 GB (Large) MD5 Checksum: Not sure where to post this, it's not quite a normal PS2 PKG, and it's also not quite a normal PS4 PKG. The mods can move it if they want. Thanks to avfcth0mas for uploading the full...
  18. M

    Persona 20th Anniversary Theme (Dynamic)

    Name: Persona 20th Anniversary Theme (JPN) Downloaded this on my Japanese account while 5.01 had access to PSN. Title-ID: CUSA01557 Size: 10.7 MB MD5 Checksum: Tested on 5.05, should work on 4.55 & 4.05. Download link:
  19. F


    Links: Ico The cover for the European and Japanese versions, painted by director Fumito Ueda and inspired by the Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico's The Nostalgia of the Infinite Developer(s) SIE Japan Studio Team Ico Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Director(s) Fumito Ueda...