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ps2 emu

  1. W

    Different PS2 Emulator Files

    Hi, all. Taking a deeper dive into the PS2 emus we have for PS4 and was wondering if anyone had all (or most) of them ready to download? I'd rather not download 20+ titles for the emulator and settings alone. Thanks.
  2. B

    Can i download ps2 games on ps4 with linux ?

    i know some ps2 classic exist but alot of other games have issues like framerate and Flickering lightning, so i wonder if they have the same problem on psxxita with psx2 emlator ? thanks in advance
  3. B

    USA Harvey Birdman - Attorney at Law - [SLUS21680]

    Game Title: Harvey Birdman - Attorney at Law Title ID: SLUS21680 Codebreaker: NO Widescreen Patched: NO Notes: Seems that is perfectly playable so far. Hidden content
  4. B

    USA Dawn of Mana - [SLUS-21574]

    UNDUB Version!!! Game Title: Dawn of Mana Title ID: SLUS21574 Codebreaker: NO Widescreen: NO Issues: So far, none Notes: To be honest, I am not sure if this one is playable, so please tell me if it works. Best regards Hidden content
  5. B

    USA Digimon World - Data Squad - [SLUS-21598]

    Game Title: Digimon World - Data Squad Title ID: SLUS21598 Codebreaker: NO Widescreen: NO Issue: So far, none Notes: Never played it, but seems like a cool game :) Hidden content
  6. B

    EUR 7 Blades - SLES50109

    Game Name: 7 Blades Codebreaker Injected: NO Widescreen: NO Title-ID: SLES50109 Size: 4.34 GB Issues: Missing textures, but so far everything else seems fine, I think is playable. Hidden content
  7. X

    USA Half-Life - Blueshift [CUSA20166]

    Game Name: Half Life - BlueShift Title-ID: CUSA20166 Region: NTSC-U Size: 193mb (says 343.1gb but isn't) MD5 Checksum: 31B1FEF9CA044F7C9A829EFF8193CFFF Download link: Hidden content Credits; taken from moddb. packaged and tested working by myself (5.05) Half-Life: Valve PS2 HL port: Gearbox...
  8. thevapinggaymer

    Research (ps2 emu on ps4)

    I have done a huge amount of research on making ps2 pkg files for ps4. A lot of the research is using PCSX2 setting for the ps4. I have read online that some of them work but couldn't get most of them to work for a certain game series. I have spent over a week trying to get the Shadow hearts...