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    USA Th3 Plan [SLUS-21466]

    Th3 Plan Title-ID: SLUS-21466 Game Audio Language: English Game Menus: English Game Region: NTSC-U Game Size: 1.93 GB Original Release Date: 17/04/2007 Download Links Hidden content Password: Hansika Motwani Note: The game runs fine without any issues.
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    USA Digimon World - Data Squad - [SLUS-21598]

    Game Title: Digimon World - Data Squad Title ID: SLUS21598 Codebreaker: NO Widescreen: NO Issue: So far, none Notes: Never played it, but seems like a cool game :) Hidden content
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    EUR The Simpsons: Hit & Run

    TITLE: The Simpsons: Hit & Run ID: CUSA99998 REGION: EUR SIZE: 2.03GB LANGUAGE: English MD5 Checksum: 6ff6c2392f30e88183e7d71dc85caf45 Known Issues: Audio can be choppy at times but the game is still playable. No graphical issues as of yet. DOWNLOAD: Hidden contentHidden contentHidden...