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  1. H

    [REQUEST] Rumble Racing And Downhill Domination

    Hello! I'd like to request the game "Rumble Racing" and "Downhill Domination" if possible, if it cant be both i'm okay with it, Thanks in advance!
  2. N

    PS2 & PS1 Game freeze after conversion to FPKG PS4 6.72

    Hi. I could not find these games on dark software website, so I tried to convert them by my self and I failed because they keep freezing on the loading screen PS2 game: Crash twinsanity PS1 game: vigilante 8 Any advice & tips are welcome :)
  3. N

    Enable Multitap for ps2 pkgs

    Hello Guys, I am trying to create a fpkg for ps4 5.05 for PS2 game Smackdown here comes the pain with multitap enabled so that I can play TLC matches with my friends just like the old days, I have tried to create .pkg file from the ps2 game iso using ps4 ps2 classics gui and have tried setting...
  4. Psykzhack

    Super Mario 64 PS4

    Game: Super Mario 64 Title-ID: CUSM-00001 Region: US Firmware: 6.72 - 5.05 sm64-port: fgsfdsfgs Release: PsHack Size: 33.6MB Password: ayakalounge Download link: Hidden content Hidden content
  5. RexXxy

    Freedvdboot exploit!

    An interesting new DVD exploit for PS2! Freedvdboot *currently requires DVD firmware 3.10U or 3.10E "Don't bother trying 3.10 on a different firmware, it won't work..." https://github.com/CTurt/FreeDVDBoot Let's you run homebrew/backups straight from burned DVD. No console hardware...
  6. R

    USA Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone - [SLUS-20826]

    Game Name: Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Title-ID: SLUS20826 Region: USA Language: English, Etc Size: 2.5 GB Note: Sound lag a little sometimes. Only issue noticed. Hidden content
  7. P

    USA Falling Stars - [SLUS-21734]

    Game Name: Falling Stars Title-ID: SLUS21734 Language: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian Size: 620MB Issues: I played for 10 minutes and found no issues Download: Hidden content
  8. P

    USA Lego Star Wars: The Video Game - [SLUS-21083]

    Game Name: Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Title-ID: SLUS21083 Language: English Size: 1.9GB Issues: I played for 10 minutes in single player, and though i did notice an occasional stutter, it was very very minor. This game seems to be definitely playable from what i have tested so far...
  9. P

    USA Petz: Dogz2 - [SLUS-21674]

    Game Name: Petz: Dogz2 Title-ID: SLUS21674 Language: English Size: 4.3 GB Issues: I played for 10 minutes and found no issues Download: Hidden content
  10. P

    USA Petz: Catz2 - [SLUS-21675]

    Game Name: Petz: Catz2 Title-ID: SLUS21675 Language: English Size: 4.3 GB Issues: I played for 10 minutes and found no issues Download: Hidden content
  11. P

    EUR Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings - [SLES-50282]

    Game Name: Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings Title-ID: SLES50282 Language: English. French, German, Italian, Spanish Size: 567MB Issues: I played for 10 mins against a single AI and had no issues Hidden content
  12. P

    JPN Dream Mix TV - World Fighters - [SLPM-65384]

    DreamMix TV World Fighters (Japanese: ドリームミックスTV ワールドファイターズ Hepburn: Dorīmumikkusu Tībī Wārudo Faitāzu) is a crossover fighting video game developed by Bitstep and published by Konami, Takara, and Hudson for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 in Japan on December 18, 2003. fun game...
  13. C

    USA - Rule of Rose - [SLUS21448]

    Game Name: Rule of Rose Codebreaker Injected: NO Widescreen: YES Title-ID: SLUS21448 Size: 3.19GB Issues: NONE Download: Hidden content
  14. H

    USA Th3 Plan [SLUS-21466]

    Th3 Plan Title-ID: SLUS-21466 Game Audio Language: English Game Menus: English Game Region: NTSC-U Game Size: 1.93 GB Original Release Date: 17/04/2007 Download Links Hidden content Password: Hansika Motwani Note: The game runs fine without any issues.
  15. H


    ESPN International Track & Field Title-ID: SLUS-20041 Game Audio Language: English Game Menus: English Game Region: NTSC-U Game Size: 474.96 MB Original Release Date: 25/10/2000 Download Links Hidden content Password: Hansika Motwani Note The game runs fine without any issues.
  16. D

    NPS browser ps4,3,2,1 and psp games and themes straight from server

    Here is a collection of playstation content from nopaystationstore, you can check it out, but i prefer a offline version cause spreadsheets does not funtion that good so here is a link to that.NoPayStation Database v2.5.zip and the official webpage is here:
  17. J

    USA Half-Life: Uplink Mod [SLUS_20066]

    Game Name: Half-Life: Uplink Mod Region: NTSC Size: 203 MB Title-ID: UP9000-JABU20066_00-SLUS200660000001 Notes: This mod was made by supadupaplex, you can read about it *here*. Download link: Hidden content
  18. R

    USA Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams W/Codebreaker - [SLUS-21180]

    Game Name: Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams Title-ID: SLUS21180 Region: USA Language: English, Japanese Size: 7.6 GB Note: Some menus have graphical glitches. Doesn't affect your game. If you get a menu that you might think is important, just look up a walk through video of the game and find that point...
  19. R

    EUR The Suffering - [SLES-52439] Updated

    Game Name: The Suffering Title-ID: SLES52439 Region: Europe Language: English, Italian, Spanish Size: 4.2 GB Hidden content
  20. R

    Any Missing PS2 Games?

    From what i can tell, every PS2 game ever made (the good and decent ones anyway) that works on PS4 via emulator, has been posted. Is there any game you think is missing? If there is, post the name of it on this thread and i'll see if it works on PS4. If it does, i'll create a thread for it.