ps4 5.55 exploit

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    Can you run new ps4 games that run on 5.55 on 5.05 ?

    for example spider-man and read dead redemption 2 I would really like to play those games but i can't afford to buy them or update my console so that the jailbreak would expire thanks
  2. P

    About ps4 5.55

    Hello everyone Does anybody have An idea about the 5.55 jb if it's expected anytime soon or we have to update and forget about jailbreaking thing ?.
  3. K

    Hey GuYz, NooB here :)

    well, am a newbie here looking for Ps4 5.55 Jailbreak & games that will work on it. Will really appreciate your suggestions.
  4. G

    Help me

    i downloaded Watch Dogs 2 and it's has 59 parts and how i can merge the files and become just 1 file ???????