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psn games

  1. DorianX

    Gamebato - Free FPKG Online Store, Download games directly to your PS4

    Prerequisites: You have to be Jailbroken and Connected to the internet. There is a new free FPKG Store where you can download games directly from an online store to your jailbroken PS4 Hidden content
  2. mcnolimits

    PSN Games don't run

    Hi, After the jailbreak I can't play the Digital Games bought on PS Store. PS asks to login to PSN. Is this normal? There's a fix? And sorry if this is in the wrong forum section! Moderators if it's can you move to right section, please?
  3. D

    NPS browser ps4,3,2,1 and psp games and themes straight from server

    Here is a collection of playstation content from nopaystationstore, you can check it out, but i prefer a offline version cause spreadsheets does not funtion that good so here is a link to that.NoPayStation Database v2.5.zip and the official webpage is here: