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    This forum has been re-branded to a new domain which is now called AyakaLounge.me
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  1. S

    How to Offline Activate Your PS4 Profile (All Methods) - Master Tutorial - All Firmwares

    Master Tutorial for All Firmwares - With PSN Account / Without PSN Account. Web Activation Method - Computer Method - Step by Step on Extraction of PSN ID & Creating a PSN ID.
  2. S

    PSN Offline Activate on 7.02 Firmware - Detailed Tutorial

    A Detailed Tutorial for those on 7.02 to Offline PSN Activate your Profiles in order to Unlock GameSaves Backup/Restore. Hope you find it helpful! :)
  3. 2Ceedz

    Fpkg roster sharing?

    Really, i want to know if we can share saves via usb or ''offline'' ways on consoles that havent signed into PSN, but that have the JB. This is mainly for roster saves. Looks iike the way to do it would be for someone to import and save (or create) a roster and then save to usb. I know that...
  4. B

    Utility of a 5.50 spoofer

    Hey everyone, I have done a fair amount of research on the topic. I know that there is a 5.50 firmware spoofer out there, I think it's legit, though I am not sure. However, what I have not been able to find is information regarding the utility of such a spoofer. If this firmware spoofer is...