1. alimazhar

    EUR Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown ULTIMATE STARTER SAVE

    Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown ULTIMATE STARTER SAVE v1.01 UPDATED Game version: [v1.01] Region: Eur Title-ID: CUSA36582 work on ALL IDs (can e ported to any region) USE APOLLO Game save current firmware version: 9.00 Max Health Max Time Crystals Max Xerxes Coins Max Azure Damascus Ingot Max...
  2. T

    FC 24 Icons and heroes squad save [CUSA40325]

    FC 24 all icons and heroes squad save file Works for all CUSA(use save mounter or apollo save too) Info:Contains all 158 icons and heroes on free agents Can use them in career mode too
  3. RexXxy

    Mortal Kombat 1 NSW (All Story done save game)

    Here's my Mortal Kombat 1 (Switch) Save with All story done - it's not much (That's all we can really do ha ha) but yeah maybe someone wants it. Hidden content To use make a save, then I run the DBI MTP repsonder and go to drive (7. Saves) you just change the files (or you can use another...
  4. RexXxy

    EUR Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate CUSA11379 Platinum save v1.28

    Game: Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Game version: 1.28 Title-ID: CUSA-11379 Game save current firmware version : 9.00 (decrypted files work on any JB firmware - just need the correct game update!) File Size: 180.5 KB Hidden content As always back up your save first, just in case (especially if you...
  5. RexXxy

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder 100% Save

    Nintendo Switch Game: Super Mario Bros. Wonder Game version: 1.00 File Size: 24.57k --------------------------------------------------------- I finished SMBW and just wanted to share 5 saves from the game, the last one is 100% (once you visit the house in front of you) All Wonder Seeds, Flower...
  6. K

    wwe 2k20

    Hi i just searched here about wwe 2k20 save file which have evertyhing unlocked but i did'nt find that so decided to request for wwe 2k20 save file for ps4. Hope not going against rules and guidelines. Thank you
  7. RexXxy

    EUR Dark Souls III The Fire Fades Edition [PS4SaveMounter][CUSA03388]

    Game: Dark Souls 3 The Fire Fades Edition Game version: 1.00 (title screen says app ver1.11 regulation ver 1.30) Region: Eur Title-ID: CUSA03388 Game saves current firmware version: 5.05 File Size: 1.37MB --------------------------------------------------------- Hidden content My first play...
  8. RexXxy

    Batman Arkham Knight [PS4SaveMounter] [CUSA00135]

    Game: Batman Arkham Knight Game version: Update 1.14 (Can't use on v1.0) Region: Eur Title-ID: CUSA00135 Game save current firmware version: 5.05 File Size: 221 KB Hidden content Save Info: A 120% game save - most seems to be complete - it's not my save I just decrypted it
  9. RexXxy

    AU Horizon Zero Dawn CE - [PS4SaveMounter] [CUSA-10211]

    Game: Horizon Zero Dawn CE Game version: 1.0 Title-ID: CUSA-10211 Game saves current firmware version: 5.05 (decrypted files work on any JB firmware) File Size: 313.70 KB Hidden content To use you need PS4 Save Mounter v1.5 if you're on 5.05 firmware or 1.6 if you're on 6.72 firmware. 1.7 if...
  10. B

    [Request] Xbox 360 savegame of Halo CEA

    Hi guys! So I'm looking for a savegame of Halo CEA for Xbox 360, (can be blank or incomplete, but I would prefer with all levels unlocked). I've looked pretty much everywhere online and I can't find any. If you have it, can you share it? Thanks in advance!
  11. RexXxy

    USA Final Fantasy 7 - [PS4SaveMounter] [CUSA-01875] Debug Rooms + Dates

    Game: Final Fantasy 7 Title-ID: CUSA-01875 Game saves current firmware version: 5.05 File Size: 4.97kb ZippyShare Hidden contentHidden content Note: If you are on 6.72 you must use Save Mounter 1.6, otherwise use 1.5. Info: Use save mounter to copy this (Black Chocobo modded) save to your...
  12. Spark

    DIIIROS.SaveEdit Cracked

    Just a small program i wanted to use but thought 30$ PER MONTH was just stupid, so here it is... I have cracked DIIIROS.SaveEdit (v1.3.19.161) a Diablo 3 save editor. This is the latest version as of 4/9/19 Its tested with PS4 files ripped using Chendochaps save mounter. So you WILL need an...
  13. M

    Mario Tennis Aces save with alt costumes / characters unlocked

    Hi If anyone's got a save file for Mario Tennis Aces with alt costumes / new characters unlocked I'd like to get a copy, as I'm planning on creating a save editor app to unlock them
  14. B

    Currupted DB after FTP savegame

    What ive done: I have a ogirinal PS4 5.05 jailbroken backed up by the official way backed up also by the jailbreak way Games are a mix of disk and fpkg took hard drive out put new 2tb hard drive in tried to restore via ftp copying the two folders on the USB root to the newly installed fresh...
  15. X

    Save game not working ?

    Hi i yesterday must reinstall my PS4 Pro (because PS4 Cheater broken console) and i did it a backup from al azif site. I paste me save with FTP server but when i go to me console i don't see anyting I done evething from this tutorial Pls help me i have saves with 50 hours on horizon zero dawn...
  16. G

    PS4 game save backup from fake pkg

    Hello everyone, quick question, I am thinking about switching my hard drives and i backed up game save files to my usb drive through ps4 setting backup and restore (save files are from fake pkg games) will I be able to restore game saves and play them on the same fake pkg games, I have read that...
  17. L

    Cheat Fake Saves using Save Wizard

    Does Save Wizard works with save from Fake PKG games? Because I tried to modify the Dragon Ball save, but only gets error. Is it because of the game been a Fake PKG??