1. B

    {HELP} Fake Themes not Working on PS4 9.00 JB

    Hello, I have recently jb'ed my 9.00. Wanted to install Fake themes. package_1 always installs for every theme but package two says "Package yet added in install queue". Happening with every other theme. Please Advice. :(
  2. Psykzhack

    USA The Last of Us Part II Premium Dynamic Theme - [CUSA-07820] [Permanent]

    Theme: The Last of Us Part II Premium Dynamic Theme Title-ID: CUSA-07820 Region: US Type: Permanent Themes Size: 25.2MB Password: ayakalounge Download link: Hidden content Hidden content How to install: First install the pkg starting with 1-, and then the pkg starting with 2-
  3. cruel

    USA EUR JPN ASIA Permanent Theme Collection v12.11.2022 [887 Permanent Themes |12.9 GB | MEGA]

    Permanent.Theme.Collection.v12.11.2022.PS4-CUSA Source: PSN Version: Official Themes with Permanent Unlockers & Screenshots Regions: ASiA/EUR/JPN/USA Theme Count 887 Total Size: 12.9 GB (13,947,721,148 bytes) Suppliers: AleCarlos18, amiibohound, Bender, bilal9999, BitMaP, Broka, Canzah...
  4. Psykzhack

    USA EUR JPN ASIA 927 Permanent Themes - [CUSA-Various] - [Permanent]

    Region: EUR / US / AS / JP Type: Permanent Themes Size: 11.1GB + 152MB + 154MB + 345MB + 260MB + 1.52GB + 57.1MB + 74.1MB + 22.1MB Password: ayakalounge Themes-List: Hidden content Download link: 764 Permanent Themes Hidden content 7 Permanent Themes Hidden content 10 Permanent Themes Hidden...
  5. Psykzhack

    USA EUR AU PACK 60 THEMES - [CUSA-Various]

    PACK 60 THEMES Region: EUR / US Size: 760MB Format: FPKG Password: ayakalounge Themes-List: Hidden content Download link: Hidden content
  6. T

    Legend of Zelda and Resident Evil Themes

    My humble contribution, hope you like my custom-made themes. Currently I have 3 different themes and 2 variations (5 themes total) Legend Of Zelda theme Hidden content Background music by Amy Turk Background image by Pertheseus Legend Of Zelda theme Alternative#1 Hidden content...
  7. BuddyMoDz

    UFO361 Theme [CUSA36199]

    Name: UFO361 Theme Title-ID: CUSA36199 Size: 9,75 MB Download link: Hidden content
  8. C

    Themes by centrino

    Here you go folks. My collection of Themes, more to come as and when I get time Hidden content