update to 5.05

  1. G

    How to install GAME Updates on 5.05 JAILBROKEN PS4 Without internet

    hello i have a issue while installing Game update pkgs from ps4database.io i downloaded PKG update file for game named:CUSA06407_00 i have try to install The update in ps4 this error shows "CE-36441-8" How to fix and install updates plz help me
  2. Mogi_Codemasterv

    Tutorial Updating to 5.05

    UPDATING TO 5.05 Format USB 3.0 storage to EXFAT. Create directories on that drive like so "PS4>UPDATE" IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE NAMES ARE IN CAPS! ( So that's a folder on the root of the drive named "PS4" and a folder inside the PS4 folder named "UPDATE".) Download the 5.05 firmware...