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    [News] 8.XX PS4 Jailbreak Possibilities? Rumours? Covering all of it in a short video.

    Are you on 8.xx? Here's some news updates for you which might be a possible lead towards a 8.xx Jailbreak in the making. Covering everything we know so far in the possibilities.
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    Amazon Prime Video - [v3.04]

    I'm reposting this one, it's not made by me! Amazon Prime Video No-PSN base fpkg plus 3.04 patch, region US but I have tested it on my PS4 Eu Uk and works perfectly. It doesn't require to log in to PSN, just log in straight to Amazon Prime Video. Enjoy Hidden content
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    Ripping Language And extra contents

    Hi guyz, Earlier we used to rip Ps3 language and extra video / audio etc files from BLES\BLUS folders,,is it still possible with working Ps4 FPKGs ?? is there any step by step guide for that?